the brian jones memorial fan club est. 1974 is the only brian jones fan club ever recognized by THE ROLLING STONES.  begun in 1974 by a long island teenage girl (NYC singer songwriter recording artist Roxanne FONTANA), it was the first posthumous fan club for the founder of THE ROLLING STONES, and was referred to by THE ROLLING STONES organization whenever inquiries were made of brian jones during  the 1970s.  passing through several hands in the 1980s brian’s fan club eventually ceased to exist, until now!   we are pleased to invite you to become a member!   as we live in the cyber age vanquishing postal costs, there are no dues at all.  all you have to do is sign on, and receive your free personalized “membership card”: a beautiful rare picture of brian jones! 

welcome to the brian jones memorial fan club, to celebrate brian jones who seems to be getting more and more famous with each passing year.  we will announce any pertinent news (press coverage, music releases, merchandise, updates on sussex police reports), with email alerts.  don’t forget to sign on!

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BRIAN JONES was born 28 february 1942, cheltenham, england; died 2 july 1969, hartfield, england.  raised in the quiet midlands by a piano teacher and her husband, BRIAN was naturally drawn to music, getting addicted to american music - jazz and later to blues.  with a rebellious nature, and a lust for life, at a tender age he headed to london to fulfill dreams of becoming a professional musician.   in 1962 while sitting in with blues guru alexis korner in london, he was spotted by mick jagger and keith richards, who were blown away by his musical ability, and eagerly introduced themselves to him after the performance.  thus began a seven year musical association and intense personal  friendship, which manifested as THE ROLLING STONES, the band name which BRIAN christened them. 

          unlike his two partners BRIAN never developed his songwriting talent, but his impact on the sound of the band, from the beginning as a harmonica player and slide guitarist, to his ability to confidently track various instruments for the songs in the 1960’s decade of illustrious original pop music, was just as important to the hit recordings as the songs themselves.  for this reason along with his larger than life spiritual presence, he is still known as the definitive rolling stone.  his flamboyant clothing, hedonistic lifestyle and international social life made BRIAN the embodiment of THE ROLLING STONES songs that mick and keith wrote and  BRIAN JONES recorded.   BRIAN last appears on THE ROLLING STONES album, let it bleed, 1969.    his only solo music projects were a soundtrack for german filmmaker volker schlondorff, (a degree of murder), and a recording of musicians in morocco (BRIAN JONES presents the pipes of pan of joujouka - ROLLING STONES RECORDS). 

          due to elevating personal friction rather than musical clashes, BRIAN was not showing up for recording sessions with THE ROLLING STONES in the spring of 1969 which led them to fire him in may of that year.    on the evening of 2nd july 1969 BRIAN JONES was reported dead.  as there were no implications of suicide or ill health or poisonous substances in the autopsy report  foul play has been implicated but never proven. 

          today, in 2019, THE ROLLING STONES are still a working rock n roll band, having replaced BRIAN JONES twice, but are most famous musically, socially and visually from the 1960’s musical era when BRIAN JONES was a part of their lives, personnel and persona.  his legend lives on today receiving constant worldwide press coverage, regarding his unexplained death, ruled officially as a “misadventure,” as well as his memorable life (playboy magazine feature story, march 2010). 

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